Saturday, August 01, 2020

How to Become a Paypoint Agents & POS Machine

A Quickteller Paypoint Agent is a merchant designated network to provide Banking & Financial Services. Quickteller Paypoint Agent can an individual, institution or organization
Responsibility of a Quickteller Paypoint Agent?
Your responsibility as a Quickteller Paypoint Agent are:
  1. Airtime recharge for all networks.
  2. Bills payment/settlement such as electricity bill, DStv, GOtv, Startimes. Even government levies/taxes, etc.
  3. Funds transfer/withdrawal or funds deposit on behalf of your clients or a third party account.
  4. Opening a new bank account with any bank.
  5. Make payments for insurance premiums, airline tickets, embassies, etc.
  6. Photo of Quicktaller Paypoint agent
Quickteller Paypoint Agent Requirements?
If your interested to invest in Quickteller as agent. You must possess the following qualities and requirements:
  1. Ability to read and write.
  2. Have a functional android a mobile phone.
  3. Must have an existing physical shop/business outlet.
  4. A completed Agent application form/agreement and account package.
  5. Your copy of means of identification (Driver’s license, National ID card, Int’l passport).
  6. A Passport-sized photograph.
  7. Utility bills e.g. PHCN as proof of your residential address.
  8. Financial/Bank account detail or statements.

Note, the items above are required if you want to be a Classic/Standard IFIS Agent. However, business registration documents are required to be a Prestige IFIS Agent
Benefits of being Quickteller Agent
  1. Additional income from commission and bonus.
  2. More transactions/sales volumes due to high bouquet of products/services and increased foot traffic.
  3. Better brand association (Interswitch brand and growing IFIS network)
  4. Guaranteed training and dedicated field support
  5. Comprehensive branding and marketing support
  6. Social relevance to the community due to financial Inclusion services
Quickteller Agent Registration/Setup Process
Quickteller agent registration is a simple and straightforward process. Therefore, if you want to be a Quicktaller Paypoint Agent, visit the Interswitch homepage to fill the financial inclusion agent form.
  • Completes and submits IFIS Agent Registration Form/Agreement.
  • Makes payment for the minimum Agent Start-up Capital (N10,000) into IFIS operational bank account.
  • Quicktaller Agent location will be inspected and certified by an IFIS Business support partner (BSP).
  • The IFIS agent account is activated and you will receive a login details and a credit alert.
  • An agent will undergo IFIS Agent Banking training and receives the following setup kits. IFIS Certificate of Completion. IFIS ID for identification. Transaction Log Book/Register. An Agent code. Branding materials. Tariff Sheet.
The agent commences full operations immediately.


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