Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How to make money from WhatsApp

This is the easiest and most popular way to make money from WhatsApp, is short-links. Maybe you have been sent short-links before, you clicked on it and you never knew, the person is making money from it.
First, what is short link? Short links are shortened links to a website. A typical link to story will usually look vert long, short link simply shortens it. Both link will lead to same story but one is longer and one is shorter.
Using this method, all you have to do is look for news, tips or any information your contacts or group members will love to read. Copy the link, go to a Url Shortener, login, paste the link and shorten it.  Then copy the shortened one, open your WhatsApp and share it with your contacts and groups. Here is how it will look like

ySense (ClixSense)
Have you ever heard of Pay to Click(PTC) websites? Survey Websites and all that? Well, so many of them are scam! They don’t pay, the reason why we had to make sure we test this one before putting it on the list. We tested it and it worked!
ySense is a website that will pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, play games and do so many things! But why are we putting it on this list? Read on.
You can click here to join ySense and start making money.
It is free to join and you have nothing to lose. There are many method to receive your payment with 5 days. We recommend using Skrill. They will transfer to your Skrill account. Then from your Skrill account, you can transfer to any bank account In Nigeria, India, USA, anywhere in the world. We have tried all this and it worked without any issue at all. You can click here to open a Skrill Account.
Affiliate links
Another way to make money from WhatsApp is through Affiliate links. This method can fetch you good money if you have high end contacts or belong to high end groups.
It is very easy. If you belong to a group that focuses on a particular topic, let’s say fashion. You can talk to the group about a particular dress that is trending. Tell them how people are loving the dress and celebrities are wearing it. Then go to an affiliate network. Register with them. Look for a company that sells such dress. Copy the link and share it with the group members. Any of them that clicks on the link to purchase, you get a commission. If you are in a group of 400 people and 20 purchase, that is good money for a day.
Always make sure you have useful conversations before sending links to products. If you have someone that loves travelling. You can chat him or her up.
Become a WhatsApp Marketer for businesses
This may sound strange but this is real! There are people who are paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp! First, you have to be in groups that have lots of contacts. Have large number of contacts too.
Then use forums, social media and any platform you have to advertise yourself.  Lines like “I can help you reach 1000 new customers via WhatsApp. Contact me if you are interested”.
You will be surprised, you will actually get people who will reach out, if you do it right. Once you get, all you have to do is work out a plan how you introduce their product or services to your WhatsApp audience

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