Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How to Get Opay POS Machine Free of Charge

This page contains a detailed information on how to become an opay agent and how to get Opay POS machine.
First of all, let me remind you that Opay is an online mobile transaction in Nigeria owned by Opera software, the chief owners of Opera mini and web browser. The App is already working well  in Kenya and South Africa.
To become an OPay agent, certain rules applies. Firstly, you have to be mobile also you will need to download opay app for android and then register fully.
Is Opay Registration Free?
Yes! Opay app is free, opay application is  free, but to gain full access for Oride or Otrike mobile phone, you will have to pay the sum of #54, 000 instantly or by Installment.
Do I need BVN to apply for Opay POS?
Automatic No, you don’t need a bank verification number to apply for a point of sales machine from Opay.
Where can I pick up my POS machine from?
After registration and application for Opay POS Machine, your pick up location will be sent to you via a mail.
How to Get Opay POS Machine and Opay Application form
To get  POS machine from opay, follow these steps;
  1. Get a smartphone and log on to Google playstore
  2. Search for Opay app for android or iPhone, depending on your phone type.
  3. Launch the app and agree on the terms of use following.
  4. More so, fill up the Opay Agent registration form as prompted
  5. Follow the prompts and finish your transaction
  6. Once your application is approved, you will be informed to come to the nearest Opay Center to collect your POS machine.

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