Sunday, November 17, 2019

How to Start A Mobile Barbing Salon.

This is a business you can start with nothing and yet make so much money, however there are lots of barbing salons in our cities nowadays, but not everyone like visiting them.
Some people because they don't have time to do so, while others would prefer the barbers to come to their houses and offices to have their hair cut.
The only qualification of this business is SKILL.
A mobile barber don't need the regular facilities of a static salon.
The client will provide the following materials such as;
  1. clipper 
  2. Minnor
  3. shampoo, 
  4. dye, 
  5. chair, 
  6. electricity etc. 
The only cost you will incure is that of advert and transportation.
Charges are proportional to the distance of client's house.
Advantages of this Mobile Barbing Salon Business
  • If you are very skillful a client can give you referrals. 
  • They will recommend you to other colleagues in their office or friends.

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