Thursday, October 17, 2019

How To Start Nursery, Primary and Secondary School In Nigeria

School Business is one of the lucrative business nowadays. This simple to start business can turnout to be a very successful venture if properly handle and coordinated.
You can start this business at home or in a school after closing hours.
The criteria is that
  • you must be very good in the subject you want to handle and 
  • you can equally get competent teachers to assist you in other subject.

Most Tutorial Schools Coach Students Featuing:
  1. GCE,   
  2. JAMB,   
  3. CAMBRIGDE,   
  4. SET,   
  5. TOEFL,  
  6. SSCE,  etc you can actually start this business in a small way, but can grow it from just  a tutorial centre to a registration outlet for various exams.
This indeed very lucrative. Most schools owners started this way, you can start yours today and grow big tomorrow. 

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