Saturday, October 12, 2019

How To Start An Event Planning Service in Nigeria

If you have been complimented on your parties, you might be good at planning parties and event. Your ability can  become a very lucrative business for you.

Generally speaking, special event occur for the following reasons:

  • Celebration (wedding, Birthdays, Naming ceremonies, chieftaincy title, launching etc)

  • Education (conferences, Graduations, Freedom, Awards etc)
  • Promotions(Products Launches, Fashion Show, political Rallies etc)

This list is not an exhaustive one individual e.g. professional, Business people, government workers etc offer find they lack the expertise and time plan events themselves. Therefore an Event planner is needed to render these serivces.
The Event planner is to  carry out the following :

  1. Arranging for food, decoration and entertainment
  2. Planning transportation to and from the event
  3. Sending invitations
  4. Finding a venue
  5. Arranging an necessary accommodation for visitors
  6. Coordinating the activities of event.
  7. Supervising the shearing of foods, drinks etc.
  8.  Carrying out the costing for the event
  9. Cleaning up choosing cloths for the occasion

There is no doubt that, this is a big business.
All you have to do to be in this business is to 

  • make complimentary cards, flyers,  banner and extensive advert. 
  • attend event and study how they are planned. 
  • Use every medium that is possible for you to let people know that you are into event planning business and you will be happy went into such  venture 

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