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How to Register As Zenith Bank Agent & Get POS Machine

Zenith bank agent service is a Zenith bank financial inclusion strategy. The bank adopts the agency banking to brings banking services closer to the unbanked in the communities. Agent banking allows Individuals or business outlets to render basic financial services to customers on behalf of the bank.

Therefore, If you’re looking for an avenue to start a new business, consider Zenith bank agent service. And if you already own a business outlet but want to run another side business along. Zenith bank agent banking is a good idea to check out for.

Zenith Agent Banking has employed individual and trusted existing retail business outlets in the different communities to provide banking service on its behalf to their customers.

Therefore, if you’re interested, you can become a Zenith Bank Agent representative in your area. As an agent, you’ll be able to offer banking services such as Cash Deposit, Cash withdrawal, Fund transfer, Bills payment, Airtime Recharge to groups of people in your community,

How to Become a Zenith Bank Agent

In the quest to bring banking services closer to the people, most especially to the unbanked population. Zenith Bank adopts an agency banking initiative. Agency banking is operated by independent agents who are expected to perform banking and financial services on behalf of the bank.

Since Agency banking will be carried independent business outlets, we will be considering what are their duties and things you need to put in place in order to become a successful Zenith bank agent.

Your Roles as a Zenith Bank Agent

The understated are your duty as a Zenith Bank Agent:

  1. Account opening
  2. Cash withdrawal
  3. Cash deposit
  4. Funds transfers
  5. Bills payment
  6. Airtime Purchase

Agent Requirements

  1. An existing retail/business outlet with a trading name and a physical geographical location for a minimum of 12 months. An outlet can be a school, market, shopping mall, filling station or any business outlet with reasonable human traffic.
  2. The outlet should accommodate a dedicated desk/counter and minimum of one (1) staff to handle agent banking services
  3. Must have maintained active Zenith bank account for a minimum of 6 months

Document Requirements for Implementation

1. A well completed registration form with the following documents attached;

For corporate accounts:

  • Proof of address (utility bill)
  • Valid means of identification

2. Passport photographs

  • TIN
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • For individual accounts:
  • Proof of address (utility bill)
  • Valid means of identification
  • 2 Passport photographs
  • 2. No sign-up fee is required

3. Agent downloads agent banking app on an Android device

Your Benefits As Agent

  1. Cash Management – opportunity to evacuate cash off your retail premises
  2. Increase in sales/business opportunities as a result of increase in footfall
  3. Additional income from transaction/services fees and commission
  4. Opportunity to cross-sell your products/services to walk-in customers

Zenith Bank POS Collection

Profit is the soul of every business and commerce digitalization is at a fast pace. Following the Government cashless economy policy, every business needs to ensure it can get paid in any medium of the customer’s choice.

Zenith bank Point of Sale (POS) terminals have the capability to accept all cards and even accept payment without cards. No matter the type of payment cards your customers are holding and irrespective of the issuing bank.

Zenith Bank Plc becomes the first Nigerian bank to successfully integrate Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) payments on POS. This helps customers to pay for goods and services via POS terminals in merchant shops or on eCommerce websites without the use of cards.

To register for Zenith Bank Agent and collect a POS machine, kindly visit any Zenith Bank Branch close to you for more details, requirements, and documentation procedures.

POS Features

MultiCards Capability: Zenit bank POS terminals support all major payment cards.

Fast Payment Processing: Each payment transaction takes between 8 and 15 seconds on an internet connection.

Quicker Data Reconciliation: You can easily balance your transaction data reports at end of day and customize your reports to ensure there are no loose ends in your accounting.

Newest Technology Updates: Your business will have the latest hardware and software updates designed to enhance data security and help reduce fraud.

Standard Industrial Fraud Protection: Zenith bank POS terminals’ compatibility with the new Chip-and-PIN standard helps you prevent fraud.

High-End Data Security: Take advantage of the latest industry-standard for point-of-sale data security. You will receive the most current security for your terminals including card masking capability.

Online Reporting Capability: You can conveniently view realtime data, search transactions, customize reports, and analyze trends from the Transaction Viewer Portal as they occur. The Settlement Viewer Portal helps breaks down your large-sum settlement into the individual transactions.

Settlement: Every transaction you processed on the terminals is settled a day after the transactions have occurred. This can be expressed as T+1 where T is the date of the transaction and 1 refers to the next working day.

How to become Access Bank Agent & POS Machine

Access bank agent banking is an authorized third-party contracted by the financial institution to process clients’ financial needs on its behalf.

Do you know that As an access CLOSA agent, you’ll be providing customers access to financial services within your neighborhood. According to Access Bank PLC, agency banking will enable branches to focus on complex customer obligations

Access CLOSA Agent Responsibility

Some of your roles as an Access CLOSA agent is to provide basic financial transaction to the customers. Examples of such includes:

  1. Cash Deposits
  2. Cash Withdrawals
  3. Funds transfer
  4. Bill Payments
  5. Airtime Purchase
  6. Account Opening

Access Bank Agent Banking Benefits

  • Brings banking services right at your doorstep
  • No queues
  • Customers transactions are PIN protected
  • Services are available to both Access Bank and other Bank customers
  • Access to funds anytime even after banking hours (weekends and public holidays)
  • Save the cost of going to the branch or ATM
  • Become an Agent today and make extra income

Access CLOSA Agent Requirements

  1. You must have a physical business location for easy customers accessibility
  2. Have a minimum working capital of N50,000
  3. Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card
  4. Utility bill
  5. Business registration documents for corporate bodies

How to Become Access Bank Agent Banking and Get Access POS

Going by the Central bank trending cashless economy and monetary policy. Every bank is adjusting to meet up with their customer financial demands. This prompts access bank to introduce CLOSA access bank agent banking.

Authorized Agents can process financial transactions via platforms such as Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals or Mobile Phones. Hence, after you have met the general requirements, the next thing is to proceed with your Access bank agent banking registration.

To become Access agent banking, you need visit any Access bank close to you. Remember to come along with the all necessary documents as listed in the requirement section above. This will help fasten and smooting the easy of processing your Access agency banking process.

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